Optware for wdtv firefox

Feb 25,  · About Firefox running on the WDTV, and with a wireless keyboard and mouse you have couch-computer. To install firefox you need OS right? WDTV Sigma chip wont be able to do that, How about installing drivers for Wireless kb & mouse. Sigma chip is made to decode videos not to provide OS services efficiently. An optware port for WDLXTV Live in www.cfsinlimites.com format - NIMk/WDTVOptware. May 28,  · Posted: Fri May 27, Post subject:: What router and build are u running? It it is a K26 build, you can forget about it, we have an outstanding well documented issue with the K26 netutils that does not return interface information and makes all media servers crash.

Optware for wdtv firefox

Optware. Optware is a free software package manager for embedded systems. Originally developed as a distribution mechanism for the Unslung Linux distribution for the Linksys NSLU2, Optware has been adopted by a variety of hobbyist communities and device developers. Optware has been used on a number of platforms. Here it say WD TV Live HD Media Player. Firmware _V Is there something else i need to use it? Only the new firmware () has the web browser. The older firmware (, ) does not have the web browser. If you really want to see the web browser you will have to . Just some question: 1) How to add www.cfsinlimites.comt file? >> 2) If I want to use a /realtebo/ directory www.cfsinlimites.comt file but I wnat to use my HDD on USB 2 . Sep 30,  · Optware was originally developed as a distribution mechanism for software for the Unslung Linux project for the Linksys NSLU2 (a small low cost network storage device). That consumer storage device ran on Linux, and the community opened it up, but they needed a lightweight distribution mechanism for their lightweight devices. Jan 17,  · Optware for WDLXTV Live Here is the place to inquire about www.cfsinlimites.com--Only currently available apps for sigma based wdtv's belong in this .Optware für wdtv download firefox Download full version 0. 2 with optware (42MB ) Download this version if you already have optware. Firefox with remote web. Re: Optware for WDLXTV Live Firefox says: please note the WDTV optware repository on the NSLU site is a bit confused (where is git. Hi, I really like optware-ng, helps to add some more functionality to my WD TV Live PLus device:) I'm getting an "Illegal instruction" message. I keep this in my Firefox Bookmarks so I will know when the new firmware is I am just telnetting into the wdtv and installing some optware. but not a clue for my nslu2 ive installed nfs-utils via optware but need help editing the exports file and starting .. A simple one, if you use Mozilla FireFox, is FireFTP. I'm about to flash the wdtv with the modded firmware.

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